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Monday, July 5, 2010

Invitations: DIY Belly Bands

In order to save money, TG and I decided not to do 100 little inserts and just let the wedding website do it's job. So we opted to only do a invite and an RSVP, which you can see here

However, I didn't want to just throw them into the envelope and call it a day either. I wanted some sort of form and organization to them. I googled and searched wedding blogs for ideas. I came across the idea of belly bands and was intrigued.

I found some at Cards&Pockets but at $11.25 per 25, I decided with a little labor, I could do them myself. 


I had ordered a sample belly band so I had a good example to begin with.

I essentially used the sample as a ruler too. It was about a quarter inch shorter than 11 inches so I just made my bands an even 11 to save time.

After tracing them all out, I could fit four on one sheet of cardstock, I cut them out with my rotary cutter. This was definitely an arm work out--the paper was pretty thick and I had to push pretty hard to get a clean cut. I absolutely recommend spreading this job out over a couple days or your arm with be super tired.

Then, in order to make the folding easier I rolled over the band using the rotary cutter (without going all the way through, of course) at approximately 3 inches and 8 inches, just enough to cut maybe a quarter of the way through. 

And the finished product...
  • Cardstock: $3.89 (25 pack so there are extras)
  • Fiskars Rotary Cutter: $14.40 on Amazon (which I will use for so much more, love it!)
Total: $18.29 for 92 belly bands

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