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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shoes for all!

Well, the girls and I are set. 

My junior bridesmaid will be wearing these:
Her mother, my FMIL, spotted them when they were featured on The View. Works for me!

My other three bridesmaids will be wearing these:
Simple, sweet, and classic. Love them! 

As for me... I ordered these but I'm not sure how they will look with my dress. If they don't work, I'll just send them back and continue the search. But I really, really hope they work, they're beautiful!
I have my first appointment for my dress fitting in August, I can't wait to try on the whole ensemble!


Marian said...

Those shoes are great!! I love the bridesmaids shoes. And yours are amazing. Its all going to be perfect

Krystal said...

I totally picked out your shoes for myself too! They are so sparkly and fun! =D

Kelly said...

Looooove all three pairs!! (especially the junior BMs... it will make them feel special, yet still age appropriate, yanno? Sooo cute!!) Have you shared the bridesmaid's dresses on here yet?

Amy said...

Gorgeous photos, gorgeous shoes! You have great taste.

Sara said...

gorgeous shoes!! I love your picks, I am sure they will all look wonderful together :-) My bridesmaids are wearing whatever shoe suits their fancy, I secretly hope they pick out shoes as fun and flirty as those

Ms. Teacher said...

Really cute shoes!
I am new to your blog - can't wait to read more about your upcoming wedding!