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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guestbook Inspiration

I decided a long time ago that I don't just want a guestbook where people sign their names. I want something unique. But what? Apparently, there are soooooo many options... the hard part is narrowing down my ideas and deciding on one.

I love the frame idea and all the potential handwritings with a photo of us in the middle. But would I really display this for longer than, say, a year? Probably not.

 I also like the idea of individualized notes put into envelopes in a scrapbook type guestbook.

  Or loose notes into a bowl...then I could scrapbook them later.

I really, really love these personalized guestbook pages. I could design some that fit us and let people go buckwild filling them out. :)

So many choices!

What did you do for your guestbook?


Kelly said...

We had individual books at every dinner table and that way guests could sit down and throughout the evening write-- they weren't rushed in a line as they came into the reception. I looooved it! Our friends drew pictures, told funny stories, and family members wrote their thoughts about marriage.

At the wedding we just went to in Colorado... they are a VERY outdoorsy couple. They had a REALLY nice coffee table book of nature photographs for everyone to sign. Greg and I found a picture of a Loon (Minnesota's state bird :-)) and freaked out because it was the PERFECT page to write on! Everyone was taking their time looking through it and finding the "perfect" picture to sign.

Looove all of the ideas, soo neat! :-D

SG to SP said...

I made a photobook using our engagement pictures and added a few blank pages for people to sign, almost like a yearbook. It turned out great and since I had planned to make a photobook anyway it killed two birds with one stone and it's something we'll look at in the future.

Kristen said...

I made a book out of the pictures of the proposal (we aren't taking engagement pics) and love quotes. I am planning to have the guests sign that :-)