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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bridesmaid dress fiasco

I found my bridesmaid dresses way back when. I was with three of my bridesmaids so they bought them on the spot and I didn't have to worry. The fourth bridesmaid (who is technically a junior bridesmaid) is TG's little sister and lives in Virginia. So I forwarded the information about the dress, where she could get it on the website, etc. to his mom in APRIL. 

Well, come the end of June and they only have a size 14 left on the website and FMIL has not yet ordered the dress.  To top it off, she calls and tells TG right before she is going in for her scheduled surgery, all drugged up. {it's funny now, but wasn't then}.

And to top all of that off, TG tells me right before I go to the salon for a hair appointment. So guess what I was stressing about while I had 100 foils in my head?


I called customer service for White House Black Market and they couldn't have been more helpful. I explained the sitch: my bridesmaid dress, no longer available online, breathe, panic, tear up. The girl was super helpful. She was able to find a store where they had the dress, she transferred me to Kentucky {yeehaw} and the sales associate {who rocks} took all of my info, payment over the phone, and shipped it to me FedEx. 


There was even a cute note of congratulations for the sales associate in the package when it arrived. Now that's customer service.

And wedding crisis numero uno: averted.


Lindsey said...

wow - that is really impressive!

Sherin said...

that's fantastic!

Angela said...

Found your blog on cute! White House Black Market is the best store...and I'm from KY :) We were originally planning to get our bridesmaid dresses there then my fiance decided he wanted brown, not black (that was my wedding crisis numero uno!)