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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photo Upload Cards

Instead of getting those cheap disposable cameras to put on all of the wedding tables, TG and I decided to just have people upload their own digital photos to a common share site. That way everyone could see them!

To spread the word, I had business cards printed from

I don't know why I put a password on it. Kind of regretting that now. But I will also make the info available on our wedding website so hopefully our guests won't get too confused.

I rounded all of the corners with my handy dandy corner rounder:
Seriously, this thing rocks. I got it on Amazon for like 5 bucks and would gladly pay triple for it.

I opted for the pink border because I thought all black and white looked boring.

Cost breakdown:
  • 250 business cards: $9.41 {including shipping}
  • Round corners: free :)
  • Memories to be gained: priceless :):):)
Total: $9.41


Kelly said...

Wow, WHAT a creative idea!! I've never heard of anything like this. I looove the rounded corners (how does that cutter work accurately?) I wouldn't worry about the password-- it's the wedding date, right? Easy as can be, in my opinion!

VERY cool!!! Love it :-D

Loulabelle said...

These are fantastic!!! :o)

Kristen said...

Fabulous idea! I may have to borrow this one!

Sara said...

beautiful!! i would like to make photo cards too, just have to add it to the list lol where do you plan on displaying the cards?

Amy said...

Hi there! I found your blog via Weddingbee. I’m so excited to start reading it and getting to know you!

Your blog is gorgeous and you have fantastic ideas. I'm following you now!

And I'm also considering doing something similar now. :)