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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rude or not?

We obviously have a limited budget for the wedding. So that means we are trying to keep the guest list a small as possible. Currently it stands at 145...which is already too many. 

I've had at least 2 people ask me if they're getting an invite. And others on Facebook to both Tyler and I. And they're not. Don't you think if you have to ask, then it's probably no? Luckily, I've been able to skirt my way around the issue the couple times it's happened but what the hell people? I really, really wish we could invite everyone and their dog. Truly, I do. But it's all about the Benjamin's, baby. 

Did any of you have any similar problems or awkward convos? How did you handle it?

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Lauren @ten23designs said...

I had quite a few people "offended" that they were not invited. Fact of the matter is, at $xx.xx per person, you really do have to pick & choose who to invite & who not to.

I just reminded those who I didn't invite, that it was more of a family affair... including people who are "like family" not just friends.

It was hard to do, but a must.