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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Guestlist

...has by far been our biggest challenge yet. We are going to send out 130 invites with the hope idea that about 20 percent will decline.

The problem is, I have a very large family. I'm talking my grandma has 14 brothers and sisters. Through the generations, that means I have about 28975843578398842375983 cousins. Granted I am not close with any of them. But they're family. 

Tyler's family on the other hand is not that large so we are inviting just about everyone on his side. Which is fine with me. 

In order to cut our guest list down to the desired number we used a system. And by we, I mean me, because I'm the Type A up in this relationship. I separated the guests into the following categories:

A List: The people we absolutely have need to have at our wedding, immediate family, our closest friends, etc.

B List: Friends that know us as a couple and who we would love to have share our day with us, distant family, obligations {eek, did I just say that?), etc.

C List: This list was reserved for people who we want there but we may not have room for. I will send these invites as we get declines.

I hope it all goes smoothly. My plan is to send them out three months in advance because we have people coming from Virginia. How early did you send out your invites? Any other advice for me?? Help a sista out. :)

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