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Monday, February 7, 2011

Reception: The Entrance

Our grand entrance in to the reception was awesome if I do say so myself. However, because we started from up top, it was tough for our photographer to catch it. But this is what we got. :)

Here's what you've missed!
Dress Revealing
Rehearsal Dinner: fiasco then fun
Guys drank got ready
Girls got ready
Ceremony: rain or shine
Posed: The boys
Posed: The girls 
Posed: The Bridal Party
Posed: Us


Meagan said...

So cute! I'm gonna catch up on past posts!

Vijay said...

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weddingpics said...

Charming and looks really wonderful. Would have been a great day! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

It was nice wedding and great photography as well. It was a beautiful decoration and party. Do you arrange those via American Bridla

Anonymous said...


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