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Monday, December 6, 2010

Snapshots of the ceremony

All the planning in the world can't account for the weather. It rained on the day of our wedding, everyone was giving me their two cents on what I should do. We set up inside, just in case.

...but at the very last minute, it had stopped raining and we moved it outside.

It was standing room only but our ceremony was short and sweet and no one seemed to mind. :)

 Our processional:

Tyler was so stiff at first... I had to whisper to him to loosen up. haha!

We did it! And the rain held off! Thank GOD!


SG to SP said...

These pics are great, I'm glad you were able to have it outside after all. It rained during my ceremony so we had to move it inside but it worked out and was still wonderful.

Marian said...

You seriously look so stunning!! ANd I'm so happy that the rain passed by just in time!!

Brittany said...

A) This looks like a blast!

B) You're gorgeous

C) Love the black dresses

D) You look so happy and in love!!!