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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

The week before the wedding was a stressful one to say the least. People were arriving in town, guests were calling asking questions, and we had two of the four groomsmen staying at our place. Then, I get a call from Tyler's mom saying the place that was going to do our rehearsal dinner suddenly was losing the restaurant and couldn't do the dinner anymore... 5 days before the wedding.

The normal panic and stress ensued but I owe so much to Tyler's mom for staying calm and problem solving on the fly. And we were able to get reservations and even a private room and another (and better) restaurant. So essentially Tyler's dear mother planned two rehearsal dinners and in the end, it turned out fabulous.

about to get our eats on!!

mi madre y padre :)

the proud mommas!

my cousin and flower girl, keirsten
looking forward to the next day!!
The drama prior to the dinner really helped with my nerves on the big day... just knowing that everything will work out whether I stress about it or not... Deep breaths helped a lot, too.



Mari said...

your mom in law is a rockstar and you look so pretty! I;m living vicariously through your wedding because I plan to a) never marry b) elope or c) plan something 100% not traditional

Sara said...

glad you were able to change plans and go with the flow. a fabulous rehearsal dinner is a great way to start off the wedding celebrations :-)