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Friday, December 10, 2010

Posed: The Bridal Party

Emphasis on party. :) We really had a ball with our wedding party. Everyone got along, was so helpful, we couldn't have asked for more. They are truly amazing!

Did I ever mention that we hate posing for pictures? We wanted more fun ones. Then we did this pose, which turned out perfect! 

Tyler was jealous, so he wanted a picture like mine...

Turned out AMAZING, don't you think? :)

Here's what you've missed!
Dress Revealing
Rehearsal Dinner: fiasco then fun
Guys drank got ready
Girls got ready
Ceremony: rain or shine
Posed: The boys
Posed: The girls


Kristen said...

That last picture is too funny! A "framer" for sure!

I have been loving your wedding posts!

Ghenet said...

Your bridal party looked great! We did some fun shots too, including one like yours where the guys picked me up :) The shot with the girls picking your hubby up is awesome!