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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Music for Everything :: Revisited

Decisions have been made! We changed it a lot since my last post. Here goes...

Pre-Ceremony: We gave our DJ an overall feel of what we wanted and he will choose this. I'm totally ok with it, takes the load off of my shoulders! hehe.

Seating of the mom's: Canon in D.

Bridal party processional: Canon in D. Bridesmaid D teared up when I played it for all of them. She may cry more than I do.

Bride processional: Your Song by Vitamin String Quartet. I know, changed my mind again. But this one is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

During ceremony: N/A.

Recessional: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Tyler's choice and I love it.

Reception entrance: The beginning of Final Countdown by Europe. Again, Tyler's choice... he thought it would get some laughs. :)

Wedding Dinner: We will play our slideshow as soon as everyone has their plate so there won't be too much time for music, but our DJ will select songs based on the overall feel we discussed with him.

Slideshow: The slideshow will be split up in to four parts...
  • Growing Up Tyler: Garth Brooks: The River.
  • Growing Up Brittany: 10,000 Maniacs: These Are the Days.
  • A College Romance/Us With Our Friends and Family: Tom Petty: Learning to Fly.
  •  A Forever Love: Michael Buble: Everything.
Cake Cutting: James Taylor: How Sweet It Is. Cliche, yes, but we need a little cheeeeeese with our cake.
First Dance: Katherine McPhee: Terrified. Done and done. Our choice was reaffirmed when our DJ searched for it in his 96,000 song database and didn't have it... so we will be the first couple to dance to it...ever...or so we like to think. :)

Father-Daughter Dance: Tim McGraw: My Little Girl. My mom had a big impact on this decision... she suggested it and started crying as we listened. How could I say no to that?!

Mother-Son Dance: The Commodores: Three Times the Lady.

Anniversary Dance: N/A.

Bouquet Toss: The Weathergirls: It's Raining Men.

Garter Toss: Michael Jace: Bad Things. If you watch True Blood, you know.

Last Dance: Taylor Swift: Today Was a Fairytale.

Dancing! (Must Play): We put down a wide array of slow/fast songs ranging from romantic to silly to just plain fun. Oh, and lots and lots of 80's!

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