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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shot to the heart

Well, it was bound to happen. Just experienced my first Marriage Skeptic. As soon as my boss announced to her visiting friend that I was getting married in a little over a month I felt her wrath. 

"When I hear people are getting married, I usually say ARE YOU SURE?!"

Pretty darn, lady, thanks.

"Oh, my boyfriend and I are getting promise rings... Promise-to-never-get-married rings, that is."

That's great for you. Have a nice non-marriage.

But now, this encounter is bugging me. What happens in someone's life that makes them so jaded? Good lawd, please don't let that happen to me. 


SG to SP said...

Why do I suspect her bf is the one that came up with the promise to never get married ring idea and she's just going along with it? Bitter party of one! Don't let her get you down, guaranteed she's just a jealous beyotch!

every little kiss said...

I had a friend of a friend ask me if I was happy with our engagement and upcoming marriage. I said "yes, we are both so excited and very happy" and she made a face and said "yeah..that's great" and under her breath said ''re happy for NOW..."


She had recently broken off an engagement, but that's no excuse to project her unhappiness onto me!

Aimee said...


1) The gall of some people seriously. I think that its great people have their own opinions but I dont like when I hear those opinions pushed onto oter people. I would have proably said "Congrats you have decided not to get married, to each their own. I, on the oter hand, am super excited about getting married and it is what I want my future to hold" People need to sometimes keep their personal feelings to themselves.

2) Was she serious? Promise rings to neer get married. I actually dont like the whole promise ring thing in general (to each their own) btu a frickin promise to never get married. That just seems like they are trying too hard to go against the grain .

She probably doesnt like marriage because that is the "cool thing to do" be all "im independent and hate the idea of marriage" Whatever. Dont let it bug you. She seems like a heartless biyatch who probably has been hurt 1 too many times

Sara said...

that is sad for her.. but don't let her bring you down. something happened in her life to give her that opinion (and the random impression that you would want to hear it) instead of hating on the marriage/love skeptics I try to think "i hope they find happiness in their own lil' way" and let their bad mojo wash off like water on a duck's back.