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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Music :: for everything!

In the long to do list of planning this shindig, one of the hardest decisions so far has been choosing music. Not just any music, but the perfect music to reflect who we are the feelings we are trying to convey. We know we will need music picked out for the following categories.

Pre-Ceremony: We gave our DJ an overall feel of what we wanted and he will choose this. I'm totally ok with it, takes the load off of my shoulders! hehe.

Seating of the mom's: No clue yet.

Bridal party processional: It was a toss up between The Beatles: In My Life and the more traditional Canon in D. I played both for my bridesmaids and they started getting teary eyed during Canon in D... so our final decision? Canon in D. :)

Bride processional: Bridal March. I know I've said in the past that I don't want to be that traditional... but this is just something I have a gut feeling about.

During ceremony: Don't know yet.

Recessional: Either DMB: You and Me (starting at the chorus) or Etta James: At Last or The Beatles: All You Need Is Love. Other ideas include The Crystals: And Then He Kissed Me.

Reception entrance: Black Eyed Peas: I've Gotta Feeling (but Tyler isn't a huge BEP fan) so this one is still under negotiations. :)

Wedding Dinner: We will play our slideshow as soon as everyone has their plate so there won't be too much time for music, but our DJ will select songs based on the overall feel we discussed with him.

Slideshow: The slideshow will be split up in to four parts...
  • Growing Up Brittany: I want something fun and meaningful. Having a hard time with that though.
  • Growing Up Tyler: I'm thinking something along the lines of Five For Fighting: 100 Years. Not 100 percent yet though.
  • A College Romance/Us With Our Friends and Family: Tom Petty: Learning to Fly.
  •  A Forever Love: Landon Pigg: Falling in Love At A Coffee Shop and Keith Urban: Only You Can Love Me This Way.
Cake Cutting: We want something fun so we were thinking Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar On Me.
First Dance: Katherine McPhee: Terrified. I am 97 percent sure this is it. I absolutely love it and it's perfect for us.

Father-Daughter Dance: Still have no idea. Elton John: Blessed or John Mayer: Daughters or Alan Jackson: Drive or Leann Womack: I Hope You Dance or Fleetwood Mac: Landslide. I'm all over the place. Suggestions??

Mother-Son Dance: Boyz II Men: For Momma. TG's mom said that herself and Tyler were the only one's with any soul in their family so they needed something R&B-ish. Love it.

Anniversary Dance: Not sure if we will do this.

Bouquet Toss: I really don't want to do something cliche like Beyonce: All the Single Ladies... but that may just end up happening just for the irony.

Garter Toss: David Rose and His Orchestra: The Stripper (not what you think! I was iffy at first too, google it! :) )

Dancing! (Must Play): TBD.....

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Shannon Ashley said...

I looove Daughters. Have you heard the Heartland song "I loved her first" that would be an awesome father-daughter dance song!