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Friday, September 17, 2010

Where does the time go!? And some beauty stuff.

One month to go. Wow. I remember this like it was yesterday. And boy, did it really fly. 30 days to go and remarkably, I feel on top of it. Cross your fingers this doesn't change. suggested I should of started my Wedding Beauty Plan about a month ago...but what does that even mean??? Sometimes I think The Knot is straight crazy. Ha. Here's my take on it.
  • Crest White Strips :: Gotta have those pearly whites for the wedding day. Tyler is joining me with this.
  • Tanning :: I know it's awful...but I'm doing it anyway. Call me reckless. 
  • Deep conditioning mah hairs :: Once a week from here on out.
  • Working out :: every damn day ... and it's hard!
  • Stop biting my nails :: Trying so hard to drop this dirty habit.
  • Facials :: Weekly at home regimen...I'm too cheap to go anywhere else.
  • Final cut and color :: September 29.
  • Waxing :: Eeek. I'm scared.
  • Manicure and pedicure :: The day before the big day.
So, tell me future and past brides, what beauty plan did/will you implement to get ready for the big day?


Sara said...

this looks like a great plan! You're going to look lovely!

I am right there with you :-) I have vowed to stop biting my nails and my bottom lip. Advanced crest white strips are my new BFF and I have started using a daily tanning moisturizer. Working out is also part of my plan, but I haven't worked up to every day yet! I have cut out salty foods, alcohol, and processed desserts.

Mikey v said...
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Mikey v said...

I love the fact you have the crest whitestrips on your wedding to do list!

definitely a must