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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When the wedding date falls on the most important game of the year...

TG and I are die hard 49er fans. Case in point:

When we chose the wedding date way back in January, when NFL schedules had yet to be released, we had no clue it would land on the biggest game of the year for our beloved Niners. The day we play the Raiders.  

After crying. We devised a plan.

1. The game starts at one. The ceremony starts at four.  Good to go.

2. The venue has a big screen (that we will have a slideshow playing on during the reception) and our awesome venue-owner agreed to put the game on the screen while we're all getting ready. She rocks. 

3. Since I won't be able to rock my jersey, I may have to go in this direction... 

Obviously getting married is our top priority, but would we have chosen this date had we known this game fell on the same day? Honestly, probably not. But we will definitely make the best of it. :)

Did your wedding date conflict with anything??


Marian said...

Love the garter...I think its a cute idea!! ANd I'm hoping my wedding doesn't fall on an important date, but I do know that a bunch of our guests are leaving super early on Sunday morning to get back for the Baltimore Ravens home opener. But we understand:)

SG to SP said...

My husband wanted to get married in the fall until I pointed out that's football season then he happily agreed to a May wedding :)

Love the garter!

Amy said...

It's not a bad thing to have interests outside of your wedding...especially interests you and your husband-to-be share!

every little kiss said...

hey! just found your blog :)

anyway..i can relate. i just got "caught" planning our wedding showers around college football season. oops?

Ms. Teacher said...

Haha great post! I love the garter - truly inspired idea! I think it is great that you can still watch it and it will make your wedding day that much more exciting!

Aimee said...

OMG I love this post because my bf and I are HUGE sport fans. So I love that you have this all planned out.

We have decided that if we ever get married we are doing it in August because nothing important ever happens in August anyway.

Im loving the Garter. Hmmm I might have to do that one day if and when I ever get married (go chargers!)