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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hasta La Vista Cozumel...

A couple of weeks ago we decided that there was just too much going on and too little cash flow to take a honeymoon right after our wedding. :( And I'm not going to lie, I was pretty bummed at first. However, with TG's new job we just couldn't afford to have him take too much unpaid time off. Plus, this way, we can put more money in to the wedding day... :) And that makes me happy. 

So we will instead be going to Cozumel in March or April (we'll avoid hurricanes this way, too) and taking a "Mini-moon" in San Diego right after the wedding. 

We love San Diego... it has to be one of our favorite places on Earth. So that made the compromise a little easier.
San Diego, August '07


Aimee said...

Thats a great and responsible idea.

Plus a mini-moon in SD is a great idea. SD is one of my many happy places. I love SD!!

Sara said...

sounds like a well thought out plan. I can see why it would be a bummer at first but moving the funds around and taking TWO trips for celebration sounds like a less stressful route in the end :-)